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Getting the Word Out on Turmeric

Last month, Jason Edwards (founder and CEO of Rebel Herbs) sat down with Massage Magazine and discussed the history, usage and benefits of turmeric, in an article titled “3 Supplements You Need to Know About Now”.

The article explores three supplements that are real superstars in the industry today. Jason was asked to speak as an industry expert on Indian botanicals about turmeric and its role in daily supplementation.

He talks briefly about the traditional Ayurvedic methods of use which includes topical, ingesting and even inhaling turmeric. He also points out that turmeric has a huge body of clinical evidence to demonstrate its benefits and safety.

When asked about this amazing herb Jason replies, “Turmeric is being touted as a panacea for everything that ails you and indeed, it’s really beneficial, but I think one of the most beneficial parts of turmeric is the fact that it stimulates the body’s production of antioxidants in the liver.” He goes on to say “Consuming turmeric … gives us the full benefit of antioxidants without trying to take isolates that really aren’t built to work in our bodies.”

Read the full interview to learn more HERE!

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