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A few years ago we discontinued our line of herbal vapors amide a huge push towards heavier regulation by the government. We wanted to reintroduce these amazing inhaled herbal blends but just could not invest in the infrastructure to comply with the mounting requirements.


AirTea has developed a device that will still use our powerful blends and still allow the patient to get great benefit but without the issues we saw with the stick batteries of the past. It will in fact be seen as more therapeutic because the delivery device does not look recreational.


The blends will lose our old flax oil blend and use hemp oil as the base instead lending even more medicinal value but also having a more pleasant consumer experience. You will get several emails on this to make sure that the message is heard but be sure to click the button and preorder - we anticipate that the first run will be completely spoken for before production is even complete.


Two of our simplified blends will be offered by AirTea a Pain blend and a Relax blend. These were the most popular and the obvious choice for this reboot.


If you never tried these blends while we had them you will want to explore it more.

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