Join the Rebellion


Rebel Herbs has started a rebellion and we are inviting you to join us, we are rebelling against complicated systems and diluted products with questionable sources and lackluster results.


We are rebelling against healthcare that causes as many problems as it fixes and natural products that have few if any noticeable effects.


Rebel Herbs is a game changer and because our products are so special and powerful, we only offer them through healthcare professionals who can recommend products that are appropriate for you as an individual.

We support natural and integrative healing and have a fully sustainable supply chain with control of our herbs from soil to shelf.  Our manufacturing is GMP compliant and is done in FDA registered facilities.

We are dedicated to providing simple yet powerful tools for practitioners and patients to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Organic herbal powders
Single Herbal Powders


Unique Holistic Extracts as single herb powders. Deliver a complete herbal profile in a convenient powder form.

Herbal Inhales


Patent-pending herbal vapor technology, updating the ancient Dhum Pan therapy of Ayurveda.

Simplified Formulas

Powerful, condition-specific, and simplified Ayurvedic formulas that are made to be used by all body types.

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