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Essential Oils

Many folks have asked us how we can sell our essential oils for so much less than some of the MLM or Network Marketing companies that are so popular.  They are wondering if our quality is as good and if it is how can we sell them for so much less. 


The answer is simple, we have long standing relationships with overseas suppliers that have been supplying us for years.  Buying direct can give you significantly lower prices on high quality goods.  Also we do not have to pay the "downline" or "upline" that MLM companies do.  If you have ever bought from these companies you know that they pay a commission to everyone in the downline, so Sally sold it to Lisa, who sold it to Billy, who sells it to his cousins, and all of them get some of the final price.


We on the other hand, buy it from the source and sell it to you.  We do have wholesale purchasers but they buy at an established wholesale price and sell at a standard mark up.  Because we only have the ourselves and the wholesale customers to pay there less needed in our final price. 


So yes we have a low priced, super high quality essential oil line that we will continue to expand as we get the word out.  This is an extension of our herbal supplement line and is a premium caliber product line.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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