Our amazing dual extracted herbal powders combine the power of CO2 extraction with the subtle therapeutic qualities of the hydrophilic extracts. Rebel Herbs' "supercritical" CO2 extracts are pure, powerful, broad-spectrum and extremely concentrated (as high as 250:1). Many companies combine CO2 extracts with hydrophilic extracts but no one aside from our manufacturing facility can give you that same combination in a powdered form.


We have pioneered a technology that combines the CO2 extracts, with hydrophilic extracts to create a new generation of extract that is very powerful but still able to be delivered in a vegetarian capsule. It is in this way that we can bind together extracts from both polarities of the plant to create a complete extract that is supercharged. Our extracts deliver the wisdom of nature in its best and truest form with all its complexity and subtlety.


This supercharged powder is convenient, easy to use, shelf-stable, and most importantly it is many times more bio-available than other one-sided extracts offered in this industry.


These powerful powders can be used in cold water, hot water, tea, coffee, ice cream, yogurt, or a variety of other food applications.  The idea that food should be your medicine is the main focus for this line of products.  For recipes and ideas on simple ways to use these powders just click the button below.