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We only use the best of the best when it comes to raw materials. We source all our raw materials from organic farms. We take Quality of the raw materials very seriously. A great product is the legacy of a top quality raw material.


Our QA and QC departments work full time to ensure that only the best is used in our manufacturing processes.


Quality Control

QC works as per Good Laboratory Practices. Every batch of raw material is sampled and analyzed by the QC department. Raw materials are analyzed for basic tests like total ash, total foreign material, water-soluble extractive, alcohol-soluble extractive, loss on drying etc. Also, identification tests like TLC are done.


All the sampling and analysis are carried out as per in-house specifications. The materials, only after they pass these tests are approved and allowed to be used for processing.


After extraction, every batch of finished product is analyzed for physical and chemical tests like pH, total solids, specific gravity & R.I. (for oils). Assay's like HPLC & GC for active compounds, tannins, saponins etc. are performed. Also, microbiological testing and heavy metal testing is done.


Only the materials which comply with given standard specifications are approved and shipped to our customers. 


Quality Assurance

QA holds the responsibility for generating all the quality systems, standard operating procedures (SOP) and specifications. All the process controls and validations are monitored by QA.


QA regulates all the approvals of the products & materials. GMP and GLP maintenance in respective departments, training and reviews of quality systems is all carried out by the QA department.


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