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Thomas McManus is the driving force behind Lily Funds and McManus and Sons, a distinguished private investment company known for its strategic vision and successful ventures. With a keen eye for promising opportunities, McManus has established himself as a leader in the realm of private investment, guiding his company to prosperity through astute decision-making and a deep understanding of market dynamics.


Beyond his investment endeavors, McManus is also the proud owner of Grateful Juice, a thriving business renowned for its dedication to health and sustainability. Situated in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Grateful Juice has earned a reputation for offering the finest organic juices made from locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Under McManus’s stewardship, the establishment has become a beloved destination for health-conscious individuals seeking nourishment and vitality.


McManus’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his enterprises. Whether he’s analyzing investment opportunities or crafting nutritious juice blends, he brings a passion for innovation and quality to everything he does. With a focus on delivering value to both investors and customers alike, Thomas McManus continues to make a profound impact in the worlds of finance and wellness, setting a standard of excellence that inspires others to follow suit.

Beatriz Corbett, a Brazilian native, embarked on her journey as a commercial model at the tender age of 13. Fluent in four languages, she effortlessly bridges cultures and connects with diverse audiences. Committed to a healthy lifestyle, Beatriz exemplifies balance and vitality in all aspects of her life.

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