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Residency opportunities for Naturopathic Physicians

Residency opportunities for Naturopathic Physicians are limited with only a fraction of the graduating NDs being placed. The priority of the Naturopathic Education and Residency Consortium (NERC) is providing additional naturopathic residencies that will help to deliver highly competent Naturopathic Physicians who can practice in a diverse array of situations, and be successful.

Science Lab Student

Join Rebel Herbs and other natural medicine companies in supporting Naturopathic residencies through NERC.  Your donation can help support the continuing education and mentorship of a Naturopathic doctor that is vital to the future of natural medicine and a well-rounded practitioner. 

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A healthcare system where naturopathic physicians are optimally educated and prepared for clinical practice; patients are able to become healthier by working with highly skilled clinicians; naturopathic physicians are able to contribute the full scope of their training to all communities, age groups, and socioeconomic classes; naturopathic physicians have many more job opportunities.

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Learn more about the NERC program and how it is shaping the future of natural medicine.

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